Upen Yadav Wiki, Biography, Bio, Age, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Contact Number, Hometown Latest Updates 2022

Upen Yadav Wiki, Biography, Bio, Age, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Contact Number, Hometown Latest Updates 2022

Upen Yadav Wiki, Biography, Bio, Age, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Contact Number, Hometown Latest Updates 2022

Upen Yadav Wiki, Biography

Upen Yadav, a social worker in Rajasthan, is a well-known figure who frequently appears on television debating with young people about issues that are in the news or who are on hunger strikes. Mr. Upen Kumar Yadav, President of the Rajasthan Unemployed Unified Federation, is a voice that is spreading awareness for those who are unemployed and young people in the state of Rajasthan. They are frequently observed campaigning on behalf of young people in the state for the timely conduct of government recruitments, the checking of rigging in those recruitments, and improved examination procedures.

Who is Upen Yadav Wikipedia

Upen Yadav is the President of Rajasthan Berojgar Ekikrat Mahasangh in addition to being a social worker for the unemployed. He is 30 years old at this point (approximate). He is well-known for his role as a student leader who advocated strongly for the needs and rights of younger people. As the current president of the Unemployed Federation of India, Upen has spent the past nine years advocating for the rights of the jobless in Rajasthan in his role as the organization’s top official. During the 2015–2016 school year, he was required to chew on sticks provided by the police, which ultimately led to his being bleeding.

As a result of their protests, dharnas, and fasts, they have been repeatedly put behind bars by the state administration, which is currently controlled by both the BJP and the Congress party. On other occasions, governments have also taken action by issuing orders to the police to remove individuals from their homes.

Upen Yadav, an activist who went on a protracted fast and hunger strike for weeks, has also had his health condition deteriorate multiple times. As a result, he had to be brought to the intensive care unit (ICU), but he did not break his fast during his stay there.

While Upen Yadav was preparing to come to Jaipur as a candidate, he made the decision to become the voice of the youth after becoming distracted by the sufferings of the youth. Today, he traveled to Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi to get justice for the unemployed. Upen Yadav comes from a family of middle-class farmers. do struggle.

Upen Yadav Popularity

The number of individuals who follow Upen Yadav on Twitter, which is approximately 5 lakh, and the number of young people who are linked with Upen Yadav on Facebook, which is approximately 1.30 lakh, are both good indicators of how popular Upen Yadav is. On the call of Upen, thousands of candidates put their names up in support of the movement, which has evolved into a key component of state governments.

In the most recent few years, due to the pressure that their movements have exerted, the state governments have been forced to give in to their demands at every opportunity. During the by-elections that took place in 2019, the candidates fielded unemployed candidates who opposed the Congress party. As a result of this, the Congress government was forced to give in and meet their demands.

Charges to counteract

Both the previous government led by the BJP and the current one led by Ashok Gehlot have been critics of the Rajasthan-based pressure group known as the Unemployed Federation, which is led by Upen Yadav. If the current government refers to him as the face of the BJP, then the previous government, which was comprised of members of the BJP, referred to him as a Congressman.

This information is not a secret; nonetheless, Ashok Gehlot has made these accusations in public in front of the media. In response to this, Upen Yadav had stated, “The previous government used to suppress our voice by calling us Congressman, and today Honorable Ashok Gehlot has proved the claims against me wrong (that I was not a Congressman) by telling me of BJP.”

Yadav had further stated that our movement is not motivated by any kind of politics, that it was our compulsion to come to UP, that we were in Jaipur for 44 days, and our government did not listen, so we have come to meet Priyanka Gandhi. Yadav’s comments were made after Yadav had stated that our movement is not motivated by any kind of politics. In response to the claim that Upen intended to run for office, Upen stated that he would leave the nation if the demands of the young were met, and that there would be no need to worry about him running for office under those circumstances.

Real Name Upen Yadav
Age 30 Years (approximately)
Date of Birth
Organization Rajasthan Unemployed Unified Federation (President)
identity social worker, unemployed leader
Education BSTC
Hometown Jaipur, Rajasthan
Office Address 1, Prem Nagar Vistar, Gopalpura Byepass, Near Mahesh Nagar Police Station Jaipur, Rajasthan, India 302019
Contact Number 94601 97575
Phone Number 94601 97575
Whatsapp Number 94601 97575
Twitter @theupenyadav (669.1K Followers)
Instagram @TheUpenYadav (17K Followers)
Facebook @TheUpenYadav (142K Followers)
Youtube Videos @TheUpenYadav (150K subscribers)

Documentary film “Dastaan ​​e Berojgar”


On October 14, 2016, Upen Yadav produced a documentary-style short video highlighting the plight of unemployed people in the state of Rajasthan. This short clip demonstrated the inefficient process that is used by the government to recruit new employees. How, as soon as they leave their posts, recruits immediately bring scandal with them and end up in court

When the young people demand that these unfinished recruitments be finished, the cops lathi-charge them in response. In addition, the movie depicts a real-life event that took place on October 9, 2015, and it shows police officers viciously beating unemployed people. Through the use of this documentary film, calls have been made for an improvement in the hiring process as well as prompt employment opportunities for those who are now unemployed.

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