Everything About Robbie William Wife & Kids Latest Updates 2022

Everything About Robbie William Wife & Kids Latest Updates 2022

Everything About Robbie William Wife & Kids Latest Updates 2022

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Singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer Robert Peter Williams (born February 13, 1974) is an English musician, singer, and composer. As a member of Take That from 1990 to 1995, he gained notoriety, but his solo career since 1996 has been more lucrative. Seven of his singles peaked at No. 1 in the United Kingdom, and 11 of his studio albums did as well. In 2006, he set a Guinness World Record by selling 1.6 million tickets in a single day during his Close Encounters Tour, becoming the first artist to achieve this feat.

Sixteen Brit Awards, including four for Best British Male Artist; Outstanding Contribution to Music; an Icon Award; eight German ECHO Awards; and three MTV European Music Awards, have been given to Williams.

A year later, he was inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame for being chosen as the best artist in the decade of the 1990s. As a solo artist, he has been certified by the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) for 19.9 million albums and 8.2 million singles in the UK. An Australian album chart-topper and worldwide record-seller, he’s also sold 75 million records.

In addition, he topped the UK airplay list from 2000 until 2010. Over 375,000 people attended his three Knebworth concerts in 2003, making it the biggest music event in the UK up to that moment. For his contributions to Stoke-on-Trent, he was given the Freedom of Stoke-on-Trent in 2014, along with a tourist route and street names honoring him.

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While Williams had been away from Taking That for 15 years, in 2010 the group asked him to return as a writer and performer for their album Progress, which went on to become the second fastest-selling album in the UK chart history.

The stadium tour that followed, which contained seven songs from Williams’ solo career, sold 1.34 million tickets in less than 24 hours, becoming the most successful concert ever in the United Kingdom. A year after Williams’ departure from Take That, the band’s leader, Gary Barlow, indicated that the split was amicable and that Williams was free to rejoin the group at any moment.

Since then, Williams has appeared on three separate occasions with Take That on television and has worked with Barlow on other projects, including the West End musical The Band.

Early life

After his father became licensee at the Port Vale FC Social Club, Robert Peter Williams was born on February 13th, 1974, in Stoke-on-Trent, the son of Janet (née Farrell) and Peter Williams (also known as Pete Conway). His maternal great-grandfather was born in Kilkenny, Ireland, and emigrated to the United States as a child. He was a student at Tunstall’s St Margaret Ward Catholic School, where he played the Artful Dodger in an Oliver! production.

Personal life

Williams has made Los Angeles his home base since 2006. Compton Bassett, where he bought an £8.5 million estate in 2009 and then sold it a year later to return to Los Angeles, momentarily brought him back to the UK. DJ Khaled purchased his Beverly Hills mansion from him in 2017 for $9.9 million. He moved into Woodland House, a Kensington house worth a cool $17 million in 2016, 2016. Jimmy Page, the guitarist for Led Zeppelin, has been living in The Tower House since 1972. Page postponed Williams’ plans for an underground swimming pool in 2018, claiming that the Tower House might be damaged during construction.

Mental illness, weight gain, low self-esteem, and alcoholism are just some of the problems Williams has had to deal with throughout his life, according to reports.

To deal with his drug addiction and depression during his time in taking That, his pal Elton John had him checked into a treatment facility.

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While he initially mistook the lethargy he was experiencing in 2011 for the return of his depression, Williams stated in 2011 that he had been suffering from andropause-induced fatigue for some years.

In an interview with Weight Watchers Magazine in June 2020, he admitted that he had become addicted to playing golf video games online.

During his 2007–08 vacation, Williams investigated his interest in UFOs and other paranormal phenomena. This led to him taking part in a BBC Radio 4 documentary with Jon Ronson about the subject matter. Documentary filmmakers accompanied them to a UFO conference in Nevada during which Williams drew parallels between the paranormal and a childhood terror of his mother’s interest in “world mysteries, demons, [and] witchcraft”.

Hunt for the Skinwalker, a 2018 television documentary, revealed that Williams’s partner Ayda Field urged him not to buy the Skinwalker Ranch when it became available for purchase.

As a wedding officiant, Williams was ordained by the Universal Life Church Monastery.

Many of Williams’ tattoos are inspired by British culture.  As an example, there are the following:

Motörhead’s Ace of Spades is a tribute card.

comedian Tommy Cooper’s go-to hat, the fez.

The Saint’s logo pays homage to actor Roger Moore, who played the show’s title character.

Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett’s television comedy sketch show, The Two Ronnies, was known for its trademark glasses logo.

Morecambe and Wise’s signature move is the “skip dance” (Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise).

His home county of Staffordshire was represented with a Stafford knot in this piece.

Take That’s logo is shown here.

He was born in Stoke-on-Burslem Trent’s and grew up there.

All You Need Is Love” on his lower back with notes and words from the first chorus line.

When Williams’ father became the social club’s licensee, he became a fan of his hometown football team, Port Vale FC.

As a tribute to club legend Neil Aspin, he took part in a testimonial game for him.

Backlash ensued in 2020 when Williams expressed his conviction in the Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

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Williams began a relationship with American actress Ayda Field in May of that year. She was included in a BBC Radio 4 broadcast about UFOs and participated in a field investigation near Trout Lake, Washington, in 2008, conducted by Williams.

On August 7, 2010, Williams married Field at his Mulholland Estates house in Beverly Hills. Four children were born to them: two daughters, Theodora and Colette, and two sons, Charlton and Beau.

Since Williams’ death, some have speculated that the actor may be bisexual.

This is what he told the Daily Star in an interview “Many of the things associated with homosexuality are things that I enjoy as well. I identify as 49% homosexual, with sporadic spikes to 50%. The implication here is that I’m interested in a specific type of fun, which I’m not.”

Everything About Robbie William Wife & Kids Latest Updates 2022
Everything About Robbie William Wife & Kids Latest Updates 2022

His net worth was estimated at £90 million in 2011 by the Sunday Times Rich List of the richest people in the British music industry. A lifelong Port Vale fan, Williams purchased £240,000 worth of shares in the club in February 2006, making him the club’s most significant shareholder.

On 9 March 2012, the club went into administration, and Williams lost all of his shares and earned only a fraction of his original investment back. [153] “Improve local conditions and boost communal life by giving money to those who are poor,” is the mission of Williams’ Give It Sum charity in his hometown of Stoke-on-Trent.

Soccer Aid has been organized by Williams and his friend Jonathan Wilkes to raise money for UNICEF UK. Soccer Aid matches have been held in Manchester’s Old Trafford and London’s Wembley Stadium in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018 with a mix of professional and non-professional football players.

As a patron of the Donna Louise Trust, a children’s charity based out of Stoke-on-Trent, Williams has been involved with the organization since 2002. Hospice and palliative care are provided to terminally sick and life-limited children who are not anticipated to live past the age of 16 by the organization.


In Mulholland Estates, Beverly Hills, Ayda Field married English singer-songwriter, Robbie Williams, on August 7, 2010.  Four children were born to them: two daughters, Theodora and Colette, and two sons, Charlie and Beau.

Ayda Field Early life

Amerindian model and actress Ayda Sabahat Evecan was born on May 17, 1979, in New York City.

She was a regular panelist on the British talk show Loose Women from 2016 to 2019. In 2018, she and her husband, artist Robbie Williams, served on The X Factor’s judging panel.

In Los Angeles, California, he was born to Gwen Field, a film producer, and her Turkish father.

A Muslim father and Jewish mother are the parents of her child, who was born in the United States.

She was a 1997 graduate of Harvard-Westlake School.

Ayda Field Career

It was on the NBC serial opera Days of Our Lives that Field initially gained notoriety, but since then he has primarily played roles in the comedic genre. As Jeannie Whatley, she appeared on NBC’s Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip as well as on Blue Collar TV as a regular cast member. Montana Diaz Herrera (as Sally Lerner) was the weather girl in the Fox sitcom Back to You. As a part of Season One, she appeared in 10 episodes.

Field was cast in a pilot for a sitcom called Making It Legal, but ABC did not order the pilot.

As a stand-in for Sarah Lafleur, she was cast in ABC’s untitled David Kohan/Max Mutchnick comedy pilot in June 2008.

Fresh Meat’s last season in 2016 marked Field’s debut on British television. As a member of the cast of Paranoid on ITV/Netflix, she had a busy year in 2015. Field was a guest panelist on ITV’s Loose Women in 2016 as well.

She replaced Sharon Osbourne on The X Factor UK judging panel in 2018 and was joined by her husband Robbie Williams, Simon Cowell, and One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson.

Robbie Williams admits his wife of 15 years Ayda Field ‘saved his life and he doesn’t have his on-stage bravado at home because she ‘likes’ him

He and his wife Ayda Field, with whom he has been married for ten years, have four children.

And Robbie Williams has revealed how the 41-year-old American model saved his life on The Jonathan Ross Show, which airs on Saturday.

When asked about how his wife has previously been credited with saving his life, the Candy hitmaker, 46, went ’emotional,’ saying that she ‘certainly did.’ ‘I think back to 15 years of being with my wife, she did, she gave me a life,’ he told host Jonathan, 60.

‘I’m on television and I’m feeling emotional. ‘Absolutely,’ he said.

In an appearance on Saturday’s show, Robbie’s friend David Walliams revealed that the singer was miserable’ until he “fell in love” and created a family with his wife Ayda.

‘I would echo what you said about Ayda, you were extremely miserable before you met her,’ the comedian, 49, remarked. I had the impression that he had achieved great success but was dissatisfied.

‘It took you a long time to fall in love with someone. Also, children are the best thing that has ever happened because they put everything into perspective.’

When asked about his personal life, Robbie admitted that he has a distinct character when performing as a pop star than when he is at home with his family.

Moreover, he joked that he does not need to ‘entertain’ or bring his well-known ‘bravado and showing off’ into his family life because his ‘wife likes’ him. He has a long history of ‘entertainment’ and showing off.

‘At home, my name is Rob,’ he continued. When I’m on stage, I go by the name Robbie. People mistakenly associate me with the person who gets up on stage and delivers the big one. At home, I wouldn’t be able to get away with something like that.

When I speak about myself in the third person, I’m expressing arrogance and trying to be something in front of a large number of people while doing my best to entertain them with the inadequate talents I’ve been given. That is something I don’t have to do at home because my wife likes me.’

During the current Covid-19 pandemic, the former Take That member has been a stay-at-home parent to his four children for ‘nine months,’ according to the singer-songwriter.

The couple, who married in 2010, have three children: two daughters, Theodora, eight, and Colette, two, and a son, Charlton, six. Theodora, eight, and Colette, two, are twins.

The couple also received their second son Beau earlier this year through the same surrogate who had borne their third child Colette, who was known by her nickname Coco.

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, Robbie claimed that ‘becoming a dad’ has been a ‘wonderful’ experience during the ‘terrible’ year that has been experienced.

‘I had my hands full [while in lockdown], but it’s been fantastic because they now believe I’m a stay-at-home father,’ he explained. They have complete control over me at all times. I haven’t left the house in approximately 8/9 months, so this is a big deal.

For me, Covid has been terrible, but for being a father and having a routine, as well as spending every day with kids, it has been wonderful.’

The challenging year has even found its way into Robbie’s music, as evidenced by his Christmas tune Can’t Stop Christmas, which he wrote after being convinced to do so by Ayda back in August.

His wife, he added, had advised him not to “be lazy” and had given him the idea to “write a song about what’s going on” in the globe as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, according to the father-of-four.

He went on to say, “Ayda told me not to be lazy.” It’s when your wife gives you that expression. “There has never been a more bizarre time on the face of the globe, why don’t you create a song about what’s going on?” she suggested. “It’s called ‘Can’t Stop Christmas,'” she explained.

As a result, in August, I set out on a journey to get into the Christmas spirit. You only have to believe it in order to become it. You can access Christmas at any time of day or night. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I used to do it when I was a youngster.’

Roberta Robbie has resumed her performance career following the second Covid-19 lockout. She has described her return to the stage as “almost robotic” after such a long period away from the public eye.

After being invited to appear on The Jonathan Ross Show, he stepped to the stage and admitted that it took him ‘a few rehearsals’ before he felt “ok” with his appearance.

‘I’ve been with the kids for nine months and all of a sudden there’s an audience, lights, and cameras, and you know it’s going to be broadcast on television to millions of people,’ he explained.

‘You have the impression that you are walking with the same hand and foot and that it is robotic. It took a few rehearsals for me to feel comfortable [ahead of tonight’s performance].

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