Who is Paris Hilton HusbandEverything You Should know about Carter Reum Latest Updates

Who is Paris Hilton Husband?Everything You Should know about Carter Reum Latest Updates

Who is Paris Hilton Husband?Everything You Should know about Carter Reum Latest Updates

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Carter Reum Biography

Carter Milliken Reum (born February 5, 1981) is an American novelist, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist who lives in Los Angeles, California. His most famous accomplishment is the establishment of M13 Ventures, an angel investing firm. He is married to socialite Paris Hilton, whom he met over the internet.

Carter Reum Career

VEEV Spirits is an alcohol brand that Reum co-founded with his brother Courtney. The company was named one of Inc. Magazine’s 5000 fastest-growing private companies in the United States.

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As a guest and analyst on a variety of networks, including CBS and Fox, Reum has appeared in episodes of the television series Hatched. The Huffington Post and Inc. both publish their work as contributing writers. He is a co-founder of the investment firm M13, which he founded with his brother.


In 2018, Random House and Penguin Books released Shortcut Your Startup: Ten Ways to Speed Up Entrepreneurial Success.  Reum co-authored the book with his brother Courtney. The book uses Reums’ experiences to teach entrepreneurs how to attain their goals.

They pull from their experiences building Veev and from the insights learned through the years investing in businesses like SpaceX, Lyft, Pinterest, and Warby Parker.

M13 Investments, founded by Reum in 2016, is a venture capital business that invests in startups.

Personal life

His father, Robert Reum, served as chairman, president, and chief executive officer of Chicago-based Amsted Industries, which was recognized as one of the largest privately held firms in the United States by Forbes magazine.

Carter is the father of a daughter by his ex-wife, former actress Laura Bellizzi.

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Reum graduated from Columbia College of Columbia University in 2003, as did his brother Courtney and sister Halle, who is married to Oliver Hammond, a member of the Annenberg family.

Reum is an alumnus of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, initiated into its Delta Chapter at Columbia University.

Reum and Paris Hilton announced their engagement on February 17, 2021, on social media.

On November 11, 2021, they will exchange vows in Los Angeles.

Carter Paris Hilton husband

It is captured in the two-episode finale of their Peacock series, Paris in Love, which follows Paris Hilton and Carter Reum’s wedding weekend.

Paris Hilton couldn’t be more content with her new marriage.

The DJ and entrepreneur, 40, sealed the wedding with businessman Carter Reum in a three-day ceremony in November and then embarked on a lengthy honeymoon throughout the world. Her husband and she have been married for two and a half months. She tells PEOPLE, “I enjoy being a wife.”

The couple spent seven weeks traveling across the world on their honeymoon, and Hilton says she is grateful to be back home with her husband. “We had the most fantastic honeymoon,” she says. “It’s the nicest feeling to get to develop these new adventures in life with my person.”

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“Being married has opened up such a wonderful new chapter for both of us,” she says further. “We’ve been so close and inseparable the past two years together that it’s always seemed like we’re married. Only that it has been sensed that I am extremely eager for this new chapter in our lives and for the prospect of starting a family together. [He’s] my best buddy, so it’s incredibly comforting to be able to develop with him.” During the course of their Peacock series Paris in Love, which finished on Thursday with a two-episode wedding finale, Hilton and Reum documented their whole wedding planning process.

Reflecting on a wonderful day, Hilton says the event that stands out the most was saying her vows during the ceremony.

“I liked the moment during my wedding ceremony when I decided to veer off from what I put in my vows and just spoke really from the heart,” she says. “It was a very transcendent experience. I resolved to talk as honestly as I could about our love story.”

“Seeing my husband crying while standing there at the altar and being so proud of our love together made me so sure I had chosen the right one forever,” she adds.

She also spoke about the presence of her old friend Kim Kardashian, stating that the SKIMS mogul teased her that the bouquet should be given to her.

“Kim joked and asked me to throw her the bouquet but the whole evening was so much fun that I absolutely forgot to even do that portion and never ended up throwing the bouquet,” Hilton says. “I understand that it is a long-standing custom, and I wish I had participated.”

As for the rest of the night, Hilton describes a few “amazing” moments, including performances by Demi Lovato and Kim Petras as well as DJ Diplo and Macy Gray, as well as a flash mob arranged by Hilton’s husband.

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“It was such a surprise and he had taken several dancing lessons rehearsing to get ready for it,” she recalls.

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Her wedding gown was likewise a surprise, though Hilton recalls that it was tough keeping it that way.

“I did not want it shot before I walked down the aisle so I could not go outside during the reception, because there were hundreds of helicopters, and drones were attempting to take the first photo,” she recalls. “Two people were apprehended with their phones hidden in their undergarments.”

As for any additional surprises, Hilton teases, “I’m not going to disclose names, but I heard a few folks being extremely frisky in the portable bathrooms outside.”

The two-part wedding finale of Paris in Love is available now on Peacock. Fans may also catch up on the series on E!, which will premiere on Wednesday, February 2 at 10 p.m. ET.

Paris Hilton Net Worth

Paris Hilton is a New York-born heiress, socialite, model, actress, and entrepreneur who rose to prominence in the 1990s. She has a net worth of $300 million dollars as of the time of this writing. Even though Paris Hilton is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, who is credited with founding the Hilton Hotel Group, she has made her own money through a highly lucrative endorsement and product empire that is particularly popular in foreign markets.

Who is Paris Hilton HusbandEverything You Should know about Carter Reum Latest Updates
Who is Paris Hilton HusbandEverything You Should know about Carter Reum Latest Updates

Her licensing business has grown to encompass retail stores all over the world that offer Paris-branded apparel, purses, perfumes, and other accessories and products. To date, she has endorsed 17 fragrances, which have collectively produced over $2 billion in gross sales income to date. In truth, the majority of Paris’ net worth can be attributed to the royalties she receives from the sale of her fragrances. A 20-30 percent portion of the revenues generated is expected to be given to her.

Carter Reum Net Worth

Carter possesses a substantial net worth.

According to Exact Net Worth, he has a net worth of approximately $40 million.

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