Who is Lee Min Ho Girlfriend in 2022? Lee Min Ho Ex-Girlfriends & Dating History Latest Updates

Who is Lee Min Ho Girlfriend in 2022? Lee Min Ho Ex-Girlfriends & Dating History Latest Updates

Who is Lee Min Ho Girlfriend in 2022? Lee Min Ho Ex-Girlfriends & Dating History Latest Updates

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Lee Min-ho (Korean: Hanja: born June 22, 1987)is a South Korean actor, singer, model, creative director, and businessman who is known for his work in the entertainment industry. When he starred as Gu Jun-pyo in Boys Over Flowers (2009), he achieved broad international recognition, and he was also awarded the Best New Actor award at the 45th Baeksang Arts Awards for his performance. Personal Taste (2010), City Hunter (2011), The Heirs (2013), and The Legend of the Blue Sea (2014) are among the television programs in which he has appeared as a lead actor (2016).

In 2020, he will appear in Studio Dragon’s The King: Eternal Monarch, which is expected to gross US$135 million worldwide. Aside from his television appearances, Lee also appeared in the film Gangnam Blues, where he played the first starring role (2015). Following that, he directed his first China-produced feature, Bounty Hunters (2016), as well as the mini-romance web series Line Romance (2014), which both grossed a combined total of US$51 million.

The popularity of Lee’s television series propelled him to the top of the Hallyu stardom rankings, and he is the most followed South Korean actor on social media platforms.

With the unveiling of his wax figure at Madame Tussauds in Shanghai in 2013 and Hong Kong in 2014, Lee became the first Korean star to have a wax figure created in his likeness.

He gets US$2.5 million from product endorsements alone, which is the majority of his income.

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Early life and education

Lee was born in the Seoul neighborhood of Heukseok-dong in the Dongjak-gu district. Lee had aspirations of becoming a professional football player when he was a child. He had been picked for the young football class of South Korean manager and former professional player Cha Bum-kun, but an injury suffered during his 5th year of elementary school put an end to his dream of playing football professionally. During his sophomore year of high school, Lee decided to pursue acting.

At Konkuk University, he earned bachelor’s degrees in Film and Art.

He is presently studying for a master’s degree in Film & Art at Kookmin University, where he has been since 2012.


As a result of her auditions, Lee was cast in minor roles in a number of television dramas, including Nonstop 5 and Recipe of Love. Secret Campus, an EBS television series, served as his official acting debut (2003).

When Lee first started out in show business, he went by the stage name Lee Min because his agency thought his given name was too common. In spite of this, because his stage name was spoken and spelled in the same way as the Korean word “imin,” which literally translates as “immigration,” he subsequently said that it was difficult to find himself in online search results. At some point, he reverted to his original given name.

When his acting career was placed on pause for a year after a serious vehicle accident that occurred while sitting in the backseat of a car with fellow actor Jung Il-woo, he was a popular choice among fans. Two of their pals, who were traveling in the front seat, were slain on the spot.

Lee was gravely injured and was confined to a hospital bed for several months. Soon after, Lee landed his first major role, as a leading character, in the high-school drama Mackerel Run in 2007. However, the series was canceled after just eight episodes were broadcast due to low viewership figures.

His film and television roles in 2008 included the dramas Get Up and I Am Sam, as well as the films Public Enemy Returns and Our School’s E.T. After meeting actor Kim Su-ro while filming the latter, he became good friends with him. Kim Su-ro later complimented him on a variety show, saying: “Whenever I see a star, I know it’s there. When I was working on Our School’s E.T., I had a sneaking suspicion that Lee Min-ho would go on to become one of the most prominent actors in the country “.

Her breakthrough role as Gu Jun-pyo in KBS’ Boys Over Flowers, a Korean translation of the popular Shjo manga of the same name, marked Lee’s professional debut in 2009. The competition for the major role was quite fierce, and Lee only found out that he had been cast after reading about it in the newspapers. During its transmission, the series received great viewership figures and generated a lot of excitement around South Korea.

Lee’s newfound popularity resulted in numerous endorsement deals, as well as the occurrence of another Korean Wave throughout Asia, which elevated Lee to the status of Hallyu star.

He had a prominent role in the romantic comedy Personal Taste, in which he played an ambitious young architect who pretends to be homosexual to become roommates with an attractive young woman, leading to emotional difficulties. During an interview, he was asked about his decision to take on the role, and he responded as follows: “When I am older, I believe I would be better suited for roles that are more demanding and defined. Personal Taste, in my opinion, was the perfect title since it is bright and joyful, but it can also make you laugh and cry at the same time.”

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City Hunter, an action drama largely based on Tsukasa Hojo’s popular manga, was released in 2011, and he starred as the film’s eponymous character.

In addition to being a commercial success, the drama also contributed to Lee’s growing popularity, which was particularly noticeable in countries such as Japan, the Philippines, China, and France. In December 2011, he appeared on the popular Chinese variety show Happy Camp, which was broadcast worldwide.

Faith, a historical-medical drama in which Lee co-starred alongside Kim Hee-sun, was released in 2012.

Despite the fact that the drama received viewership numbers in the ten percent area, it was a commercial disaster due to the high cost of production.

Earlier this year, Lee’s wax figure was presented at the Madame Tussauds Shanghai location.

In May 2013, he released his debut studio album, “My Everything,” and embarked on a fan meeting tour throughout Asia.

Lee has also confirmed his comeback to television with a new drama named The Heirs, a teen drama written by Kim Eun-sook, which will air in the fall of 2018.

‘Before I reached the age of 30, I wanted to play an upbeat character who would allow me to return to the feeling of simple, uncomplicated innocence I had when I was younger,’ he explained when asked why he chose to play a Korean chaebol in high school four years after playing one on the television show Boys Over Flowers.

The Heirs, which premiered on October 9, 2013, gained enormous success both domestically (with a peak rating of 28.6 percent) and internationally (with more than one billion hits on the Chinese streaming service iQiyi), where it is still available today.  A rise in Lee’s popularity, notably in China, has been observed in recent years.

Madame Tussauds Hong Kong unveiled a second wax figure of Lee in January 2014, marking the establishment of the company’s second location. In a special performance on China’s CCTV Lunar New Year Gala on January 30, Lee made history as the first Korean celebrity to do so. “Meteor Garden” is the Taiwanese version of Boys Over Flowers, and he performed a song with Harlem Yu, the original singer of the theme song from that film.

As a representative of the entertainment business, he was also invited to the third meeting of the South Korean Presidential Committee for Cultural Enrichment to share and contribute to the debate of issues relating to the development of Korea’s cultural material. For his contributions to Hallyu, Lee earned the Prime Minister’s Commendation at the 5th Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards, which took place in November.

Lee went on to record and release his second EP, Song for You, in October 2014, under the Universal Music label umbrella. He maintained, like he did with his previous album, that the songs were recorded for his admirers and that he had no plans to pursue a professional singing career.

When the album was released, it coincided with the commencement of his RE:MINHO fan meeting tour, which took him to several Asian cities.

After that, he landed a leading role in Yoo Ha’s noir action picture Gangnam Blues (2015), which is set in the 1970s during the height of the real estate development boom in the Gangnam district. In the film, which also stars Kim Rae-won, Lee makes his feature film debut in a leading role, marking his first time in the role.

Lee appeared in the action-comedy Bounty Hunters, which was directed by Shin Terra and released in 2016.

The film debuted at the top of the box office charts on the day of its release and went on to gross US$31 million in China. Later in the year, Lee made his small-screen comeback in the fantasy romance drama The Legend of the Blue Sea, in which he co-starred with actress Jun Ji-hyun. The drama was a critical and commercial success for Lee.

A romantic-fantasy drama written by The Heirs writer Kim Eun-sook was shown on SBS and released by Netflix in 2019, and Lee was cast alongside Kim Go-eun in the same drama.

As part of Lee’s comeback series following his release from mandatory military duty, it was touted as one of the most anticipated series of the first half of 2020. The series broke a new record for SBS’s highest Friday-Saturday drama debut ratings in 2020, and it has held the No. 1 slot on the weekly Wavve drama chart for eight consecutive weeks while also breaking previous records. However, when compared to Kim Eun-past sook’s works, the series got mixed reviews and lower-than-expected domestic TV viewership figures in the later episodes.

Min Jin Lee’s novel Pachinko was the inspiration for the Apple TV series Pachinko, which premiered in 2020 and was based on Lee’s casting.

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Dating History

The entire globe is interested in finding out who this very accomplished and gorgeous actor, Lee Min Ho, is seeing right now! There is no doubt that Lee Min Ho has been sweeping the Kpop industry under his control. When he made his dramatic debut in 2003, the actor was already a household name thanks to his roles in dramas like ‘Boys Over Flowers,’ ‘The Heirs, ‘Legend Of The Blue Sea,’ ‘City Hunters,’ and ‘The King: Internal Monarch.’

It should come as no surprise to drama fans that Lee Min Ho possesses some of the most impressive acting abilities in the entire industry. Whether it’s the heartthrob Kim Tan, the affluent and glamorous Heo Joon Jae, or the powerful and wise Lee Gon, Lee Min Ho has created one of the most beloved characters in television history for the viewers.

Lee Min Ho is not only a fantastic actor, but he is also a fantastic singer as well. Fun fact: He even sang the theme songs for the films Boys Over Flowers and The Heirs, including ‘My Everything’ in Boys Over Flowers and ‘Painful Love’ in The Heirs.

As well as a charming and approachable attitude, Lee Min Ho has the ability to make you fall in love with them almost instantly. So, what has piqued the interest of the Hallyu star’s admirers is who has captured his or her attention. As of right now, Lee Min Ho is not in a relationship with anyone. But, from time to time, he has had a particular someone in his life as a companion. In this article, we’ll take a look at all of the beautiful women Lee Min Ho has dated throughout his career.

Lee Min-ho Is Not Yet Married

According to reports, Lee Min-ho, the winner of the SBS Drama Prize, is currently single and not in a relationship. The followers of the rising celebrity, on the other hand, are curious about the identity of Lee’s potential love interest in the future. Min-ho, on the other hand, does not appear to be interested in setting up a new date and is currently preoccupied with his impending film projects.

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Lee life appears to be lacking as a result of his busy acting schedule. As a result, it can be safely assumed that Lee Min-ho does not have a wife at this time. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for good news!

Who is Lee Min Ho Girlfriend in 2022? Lee Min Ho Ex-Girlfriends & Dating History Latest Updates
Who is Lee Min Ho Girlfriend in 2022? Lee Min Ho Ex-Girlfriends & Dating History Latest Updates

Lee Min-ho Ideal Type Is Song Hye-kyo

Interestingly, Lee Min-ho said that his ideal type is the Korean actress Song Hye-kyo, which came as a surprise to many. Singer Song Hye-kyo has a special place in Lee Min-heart ‘s because of her acting ability, mature character, and elegant yet classic style. Lee Min-ho has always wanted to be partnered with her in a drama, and now he has his chance. In your opinion, what do you think about this? What kind of on-screen and off-screen chemistry will they have?

Lee Min Ho Girlfriend Yeonwoo

A romance has blossomed between South Korean heartthrob Lee Min Ho and former Momoland band member Yeonwoo!

It has been approximately 5 months since the two have been in a relationship, according to the most recent reports on Dispatch. The celebrity pair were spotted out and about on a casual movie date yesterday night. As with Lee Min Ho, who was pictured in loose-fitting shorts and a top, Yeonwoo went for athleisure clothing as well. In accordance with the story, Lee Min Ho pulled off the perfect date when he picked up his lady love and drove her to the Coex cinema.

According to a statement posted on the portal’s Instagram page, “We are in love.”

It was also stated that the couple, who became romantically linked during the lockdown, spent the majority of their dates indoors, at each other’s homes, which were only a short walk away from each other’s homes. The following day, on August 1, Lee Min Ho hosted an intimate midnight birthday party for Yeonwoo at his apartment.

Lee Min Ho is currently dating the singer and actress, according to sources close to the couple who confirmed to the portal that the two are dating and attributed their same hobbies for bringing them together. According to the source’s remark, “Both Lee Min Ho and Yeonwoo enjoy playing video games and viewing movies on a regular basis. Their shared hobbies bonded them even closer together.”

It was also reported that the hottie does not want to keep his relationship a secret, and therefore prefers to go on dates with his lady love in public.

List Of Lee Min Ho Girlfreinds

  1. Yoo Ina and Lee Min Ho

Yoo In Na was Lee Min Ho’s first and only publicly known girlfriend, who was also his first and only publicly known boyfriend. When Dispatch reported that Lee Min Ho was dating Yoo Ina when he was just beginning out in his acting profession and hadn’t yet achieved stardom, fans erupted in applause. On the internet, you may see some adorable pictures of the couple.

  1. Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young

Ever shipped two actors together because of their chemistry on-screen? One of them had to have been Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young, right? “Healer,” “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim,” and “Her Private Life” are just a few of the wonderful dramas that Park Min Young has offered the audience. While filming for the k-series ‘City Hinter,’ Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young became romantically involved with one another. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that fans adored the couple because their chemistry was on point. Unfortunately, the two had broken up barely five months after starting their relationship. The stars have clearly moved on from their relationship, despite claims that they had patched up their differences.

  1. Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy Relationship

That’s right, you read that correctly. Bae Suzy, a former Miss A member, and Korea’s first love has been dating Lee Min Ho for a while. You could only imagine how ecstatic the supporters must have been when they heard the news. Bae Suzy and Lee Min Hoo, who are known for their roles in the films Start Up’ and ‘While You Were Sleeping,’ were together for a total of three years. And it was Lee Min Ho who had taken the initiative and made the initial move. Despite his trepidation, he had managed to ask her out, and the two became increasingly romantically involved. In addition, even though they had hectic schedules, they always found time to get together with one another.

They were still going strong in their second year of dating, and they even organized a party for their friends as a result of their efforts. After about three years of dating, the two actors’ respective entertainment agencies stated that the two had ended their relationship and had decided to be good friends instead.

Bizzare Dating Rumors Of Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho, like many other well-known performers, has been the subject of bizarre relationship rumors at various points in his career. One of the more bizarre stories to circulate was that he and Taylor Swift were dating. And, to no one’s surprise, the rumor spread like wildfire until the actor’s management intervened. According to MYM Entertainment, the two performers had never even met before.

Lee Min-ho With Seolhyun AOA

Seolhyun AOA is just another casualty of Lee Min Ho’s insistence on taking the initiative. In the words of Seolhyun, the well-known actor from the film Boys Over Flowers had treated her exceptionally well during filming but had abruptly changed his attitude once the shoot was completed. Initially, Lee Min-ho would try to make Seolhyun feel comfortable as the situation began. Lee Min-ho even had the opportunity to pack mosquito netting for the two of them to use while they were traveling.

Unfortunately, the familiarity between Lee Min-ho and Miss A quickly deteriorated following the completion of the film’s production, and soon after, rumors of Lee Min-ho and Miss A’s official relationship began to surface. The connection between Lee Min-ho and Seolhyun AOA, on the other hand, turned out to be nothing more than a rumor, as none of them has publicly said that they are dating.

Lee Min-ho With Kang Min Kyung

In 2009, there were rumors of a romance between Lee Min-ho and Kang Min-kyung, which were later debunked. The actor Lee Min-ho was gaining popularity at the time because of the drama Boys Over Flower, and Kang Min Kyung was also well-known as a member of the Davichi pair. Photos of them together were also widely circulated in the media.

Lee Min-ho, on the other hand, clarified that he was not dating Kang Min-kyung. Lee Min-ho and Kang Min-kyung have known each other since they were children. It was clarified by Lee Min-representative ho’s that, “While it is true that he was close to the artist, those love rumors are not real.”

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