Who is Kim Sung Cheol Girlfriend in 2023 Kim Sung Cheol Ideal Type and Dating History

Who is Kim Sung Cheol Girlfriend in 2023? Kim Sung Cheol Ideal Type and Dating History

Who is Kim Sung Cheol Girlfriend in 2023? Kim Sung Cheol Ideal Type and Dating History

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No matter what role the 31-year-old actor Kim Sung Cheol plays, he undoubtedly gives it justice. From being a notorious prisoner who goes back and forth to prison, to a timid high school student, and even a workaholic producing director (PD), he does it all. In addition to that, he’s very hardworking and friendly in real life.

With that, not only did fans become interested in him but also his co-stars become fond of his silliness and adorable personality. Let’s get to know more about actor Kim Sung Cheol and his heart’s status!

Kim Sung Cheol’s Adorable Friendship with ‘Prison Playbook’ Co-Star Krystal Jung

Despite entering the television industry rather late, he was still warmly welcomed by veterans and fellow promising actors.

He made his television debut with the phenomenal series “Prison Playbook” and was guided by veteran actor Park Hae Soo and friends Krystal Jung and Jung Kyung Ho. Because he’s close to age Krystal, he became close to the beautiful actress.


After a year, the two reunited in the crime action drama “Player.” Their friendship became even closer as they both exchanged gifts with each other during special occasions, leaving cute and sassy comments on each other’s Instagram accounts and even attending special events like Kim Sung Cheol’s musicals.

Although a male and female friendship is not so common in the industry, Kim Sung Cheol and Krystal Jung’s friendship is very pure, adorable, and silly just like the both of them.

What is Kim Sung Cheol’s Relation to ‘Goblin’ Star Kim Go Eun?

On the other hand, fans and avid K-Drama viewers are getting curious about Kim Sung Cheol’s closeness with other actresses, specifically “Goblin” star Kim Go Eun.

The actress is often seen leaving cute and sweet, as well as funny, comments on the actor’s photos on his social media accounts.

Because of this, rumors about the two of them dating started to circulate. However, it was then revealed that the two were friends way back in college as they are both alumni of the Korea National University of Arts, alongside popular actors Ahn Eun Jin (Hospital Playlist), Lee Sang Yi (Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha) and Park So Dam (Record of Youth).

Kim Sung Cheol and Kim Go Eun, due to their closeness and strong friendship, often bicker online, evoking laughter from fans.

Is ‘Our Beloved Summer’ Actor Kim Sung Cheol Dating Jung Chae Yeon?

In 2018, “Our Beloved Summer” actor Kim Sung Cheol and “The King’s Affection” actress Jung Chae Yeon decorated the small screen with the two-part musical drama “To. Jenny.”

The drama quickly captured the public’s attention with its refreshing plot and style. Not only that, but it was also loved by the two stars who share the same passion for acting and music.

Even though the drama was only two episodes long, it didn’t fail to leave an impact on the viewers. Another thing that the fans loved about the drama is Sung Cheol and Chae Yeon’s chemistry, which ignited rumors even after the drama’s broadcast.

According to the two actors, the kissing scene in the drama was one of their most unforgettable moments in the drama.

“During our kiss scene, I thought she’d feel pressured so we just touched our foreheads and worked up to it. We have great communication, and our chemistry is also good,” Kim Sung Cheol said.

Apart from that, the actress would also come to Kim Sung Cheol’s musicals and post their photos on social media to support the former co-star.


Kim Sung Cheol Girlfriend

Kim Sung Cheol and Jung Chae Yeon’s relationship is nothing but a good friendship. Up until this writing, the two are still keeping in touch with each other, exchanging silly comments on each other’s social media.

Currently, Kim Sung Cheol is single, and his focus is only given to his career. The actor is set to diversify his acting roles both on stage and on screen, and establish his name in the industry.

The actor is starring in the newest rom-com coming-of-age drama “Our Beloved Summer” with Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Sik. It is available every Monday and Tuesday on SBS TV and Netflix.

Kim Sung-cheol Ideal Type

Kim Sung-cheol is known to have no sense of inferiority. He said in an interview about his personality, “A sense of inferiority or jealousy is one of the most basic properties of humans. To be honest, I don’t really like comparing myself to others. I don’t often feel inferior to someone. People can feel an inferiority complex and superiority only by comparing.I have the mindset of ‘I Live Alone’.”

Kim Sung Cheol Confesses Why His Ex-Girlfriend Broke Up with Him

Just like what happens in many K-Drama plots, the “Arthdal Chronicles” actor experienced a big heartbreak from his past relationship.

According to him, he was dumped by his now ex-girlfriend after ten years because she developed special feelings for his best friend.

Though his ex apologized for what had happened, Kim Sung Cheol was broken to let go of the person whom he used to be special to him.

Apart from the romantic genre that he wants to try out, the 30-year-old actor also likes to try acting in a horror drama or movie.

Furthermore, Kim Sung Cheol currently plays the role of Kim Ji Ung in SBS “Our Beloved Summer,” a content producer and close friends of Choi Ung (Choi Woo Shik) and Kook Yeon Su (Kim Da Mi) whom he work with as they revived their populer documentary during their high school days.

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