Who Is Doja Cat’s Boyfriend? List of Doja Cat’s Ex-Boyfriends

Who Is Doja Cat Boyfriend? List of Doja Cat’s Ex-Boyfriends

Who Is Doja Cat Boyfriend? List of Doja Cat’s Ex-Boyfriends

Doja Cat Boyfriend. Who Is Doja Cat’s Boyfriend? List of Doja Cat’s Ex-Boyfriends. If you are familiar with Doja Cat, then you are aware that the rapper isn’t exactly the most reserved person in the world. (I mean, have you seen her TikToks? Do you remember that time at the Grammy Awards in 2022 when she told everyone that she’d been in the restroom when the announcement was made that she’d won the big award? Une véritable icône.) However, fans have a right to know: What exactly is the deal with Doja Cat’s past relationships? Does anyone know if Doja has a boyfriend? What about famous people’s ex-partners? And with regard to Joji, do such rumours have any basis in reality? Seems like it’s time for a deep dive, friends.

She has never truly verified her relationship status, primarily because she prefers to keep her personal life, including her romantic life, out of the public eye. This is despite the fact that she has been romantically linked to a number of different people over the course of her career. (During an interview with Ebro Darden, she stated that she has no plans to disclose the identity of the person she is dating until “it becomes true” with someone.) However! Fans heard what sounded like a guy in the background calling Doja “baby” during an Instagram Live broadcast that took place in February 2022. Doja abruptly terminated the video after hearing the comment, thus… () /.

The following is a list of all the prominent people that Doja may or may not have dated in the past, including Joji, Jawny, and Bree Runway.

Doja Cat Ex-Boyfriends List:




Lil Dicky



Mystery Man?

Doja has been keeping her new boyfriend a secret from her admirers, but it’s possible that she may have accidentally divulged his identity while she was live on Instagram on Saturday (Feb 19).

The singer known for the song “Say So” seemed to be enjoying her time in the pool with her fans until a man in the background referred to her as “baby.”

She then responded to the man by stating, “Oh, I’m on live,” before terminating the video altogether. She did this while turning the camera away from him.

Fans made guesses about the identity of the mysterious man, with French Montana being considered the most likely candidate given the fact that the two artists have been associated since October 2020.

Doja Cat & JAWNY (2019 AND 2020)

Doja has only been in one public romance since she shot to popularity, and that was with the musician Jawny (formerly Johnny Utah). It wasn’t long after the release of his breakout single “Honeypie” in April 2019 that he attracted Doja’s attention, and even though she wasn’t a huge fan of the song, she couldn’t help but notice how good he looked.

During an Instagram Live session with Jawny that took place in September 2019, she related the following: “I found his music video for ‘Honeypie,’ and I didn’t like the song. However, I enjoyed watching the way you moved. I really have no idea. It turned out to be your clothes. I was like, ‘Oh, I like your clothes.'” She initiated contact with him on Instagram, and eventually, the two of them started dating in real life. They even worked together on Jawny’s song “Anything You Want” together.

In February of 2020, Doja and Jawny made the decision to end their relationship, and she informed her audience about the breakup through an Instagram Live broadcast. “Don’t worry about a thing,” she reassured me. I stopped following my ex-boyfriend on social media, and now everything is OK. We have been cool… There isn’t any odd sh*t or drama going on. Sh*t just didn’t work out.”

It would appear that the two are on friendly terms, which is a relief. According to statements made by Jawny to Elite Daily, their song “Anything You Want” was finally excluded from For Abby, the album that Jawny will release in 2020, but the decision had nothing to do with resentment. “I have enormous respect for her, and I believe she does for me,” he said of Doja. “When we split, we were like, ‘I don’t think this feature makes sense…because we’re not dating anymore,'” he added. “I have massive regard for her, and I believe she does for me.” Oh, the misery!

Doja Cat & FRENCH MONTANA (2020 to 2022)

When Doja and fellow rapper French Montana, with whom he had previously worked on the song “Handstand,” were seen hanging out together on a yacht in September of 2020, speculations began to circulate that the two were romantically involved. Doja didn’t waste any time in putting an end to the rumours, tweeting the following: “Me and French had a song coming out. F*ckin rest.” Conclusion reached!

According to rumours began to intensify once more in January 2022 after the two individuals attended a birthday party in the Bahamas for a mutual acquaintance named Adam Zia. However, after French uploaded a picture of the two of them having dinner together while they were on vacation, Doja slipped into the comments section to write, “Love you brother.” In conclusion, it would appear that the relationship between these two is strictly platonic and nothing more.

Doja Cat & BREE RUNWAY: 2021

Bree Runway, a British rapper, definitely caught the attention of her fans in July 2021 when she shared a series of very close pictures and videos with Doja on Instagram along with the message, “You know I’m passionate about my WOMANNNN! Love youuuuu @dojacat nicest night everrrr. ?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

After only a few days had passed, Bree began tweeting pictures of Doja out to dinner with the caption, “My hot date @DojaCat,” accompanied by a ring emoji (and posted even more pics on IG).

And on the same night, Doja tweeted pictures of Bree along with an announcement that read, “I have a girlfriend and I’m going public @breerunway.” Um??

However, neither of them ever directly addressed rumours that they were dating, leading one to believe that the posts were all written in good humour.

Lil Dicky

After Doja Cat made an appearance on Lil Dicky’s show, rumours began to circulate that the two are romantically involved.

Doja Cat made an appearance in a recent episode, even though the second season of Dave didn’t begin until June 16th, 2021.

In the teaser for the upcoming second season, Lil Dicky’s Dave makes a connection with Doja Cat through a dating app.

Who Is Doja Cat’s Boyfriend? List of Doja Cat’s Ex-Boyfriends
Who Is Doja Cat’s Boyfriend? List of Doja Cat’s Ex-Boyfriends. Doja Cat Boyfriend

After that, he shows his parents a picture of the singer from “Say So,” and he explains that according to her Wikipedia page, she is “half Jewish.”

Fans had a strong belief that the actors, even though their relationship was only on screen, would have great chemistry if they were to date in real life.

JOJI: 2022

Doja has been a supporter of Joji, a Japanese musician and YouTuber, for quite some time (remember when she sent him that thirsty tweet back in 2015??), but it wasn’t until the beginning of 2022 that many began to speculate that the two were genuinely involved in a romantic relationship. Everything began in January when Doja posted a tweet regarding Joji in which he asked, “Joji, how are you doing?” (???). During an Instagram Live broadcast the next month, it was reportedly claimed that Doja liked Joji.

However, in a classic Doja manner, she quickly put an end to the allegations with an Instagram Live broadcast. She responded, “No, I’m not dating Joji,” before adding, “Not that he’s not cute,” later in the conversation.


Okay, so Doja and Joseph never truly dated; she only asked his co-star on Stranger Things, Noah Schnapp, about his personal life to find out if he is in a relationship or not. ICYMI, Doja sent a direct message on Instagram to ask Noah if Joseph was single. Noah responded that Joseph was not available and then instructed Doja to “slip into his DMs.” Lol! Doja’s inquiry wasn’t completely out of the blue, either; the singer has made no secret of the fact that she has had a crush on Joseph in the past. Witness:

Unfortunately, Doja did not think it was very funny when Noah shared their conversation with the public in a TikTok video that has since been deleted. She stated this in an Instagram Live broadcast “I believe that in order to be fair, the first step is for all of us to relax about it. Like, Noah is a kid, but, I don’t even know how old he is, but he’s not even over—like, there’s no way he’s over 21. I don’t even know how old he is “said Doja “However, when you’re so young, you’re bound to make some errors.”

Doja referred to Noah as “unbelievably socially clueless and wack” and questioned whether he was “a full serpent,” despite the fact that she acknowledged that she was the one who was socially uninformed and “could not perceive him in that light.” She continued by saying, “I made the assumption that he was going to be casual about it, and then he went and provided facts that I didn’t feel comfortable with him revealing.” Noah has not provided any direct commentary on the situation as of yet. All of it brings us to the conclusion!

Will fans ever know the identity of the mystery man who called Doja “babe” during her Live? Probs not… until, of course, it turns out that he and Doja are the genuine article. Keep an eye out!!

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