COVID-19 cases continue to drop in Turkey-2021

COVID-19 cases continue to drop in Turkey-2021

COVID-19 cases continue to drop in Turkey-2021
COVID-19 cases continue to drop in Turkey-2021

Recently Turkey has discovered a vaccine for Covid-19. The second wave of the corona is getting intense all over the world. But in Turkey the rate of corona cases is low. The rate of cases according to the Health Minister is 7500 While the previous day it was 8314. There were 7550 confirmed cases in which 902 were with symptomatic patients. In Turkey, cases were more than 2.38 million. The death rate hit 28832 with 168 fatalities the previous day.

More than 8005 people recovered from corona bringing the total past 2.25 million. More than 27.22 corona tests have been done all over the country and in the past 24 hours total of 156792 tests have been done. The survey shows the number of patients in the critical stage has been reduced to 2265. Since December Covid-19 takes more than 2.01 lives in 191 countries of regions of the world. According to US John Hopkin university over 94.07 cases have been reported all over the world with recoveries they are now over then 51.51.84 million. The US, India, and Brazil are the worst countries in the number of cases.

How COVID-19 cases continue to drop in Turkey

On Thursday, Turkey starts campaigning for the Covid vaccine. Health workers get vaccines first of all. According to the Health Ministry on Saturday, more than 650000 workers get their first dose of the vaccine.  The Health Minister of Turkey Farhettin Koca received the first dose of the vaccine after emergency use. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and many other political leaders also get vaccines on Thursday.

On December 30 the first dose of vaccines arrived in Turkey from China’s Sinovac. Turkey is the among fastest countries for the mass of vaccines. However according to experts in the population of 83 million people 50 or 55 million people needed a vaccine for a better normal life. Since last month there have been curfews in Turkey to stop the spread of the virus.

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